About the Film

Decoding Life: The Epigenetics Revolution is a documentary that will leave you asking questions about your own fate. For generations, we have believed that our DNA determines our destiny, but now science tells us that we have the power to change our destinies. Decoding Life explores the groundbreaking science behind epigenetics.

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Decoding Life: The Epigenetics Revolution sits down with the top minds in the field of epigenetics. The leading authorities share their expertise and the, sometimes lonely, road which has lead them to make potentially life-changing discoveries.

Randy Jirtle
“It absolutely woke me up and opened my eyes.”
Moshe Syzf
“We were working on something that nobody thought was important.”
Shelley Berger
“From an epigenetic point of view, we can see that normal human brains have epigenetic protection.”

Credit Block

Ruby Tree Films and VisionTV/Zoomer Media Present “Decoding Life: The Epigenetics Revolution”

Produced by Donna Davies & Ann Bernier   Written & Directed by Donna Davies
Cinematographer Robert W. Zimmerman   Editor Pamela Gallant
Composers Neal Gaudet & Anne Crosby Gaudet

Produced in association with VisionTV/Zoomer Media, the participation of the Canada Media Fund / Fonds des médias du Canada, the assistance of the Government of Nova Scotia, Nova Scotia Film and Television Production Incentive Fund and The Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit.

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